Curtain Walling

The WD Group fabricate and install the following curtain walling systems;

Schuco Curtain Walling:

The tried and tested Schuco FW 50+ and 60+ facades offer optimum performnace and quality in all relevand features such as energy saving, automation, security and design. There are four different insulation concepts with tailored performance features available for the system platform, to suit the required regional thermal insulation standards.

The result is high cost efficiency and process efficiency , reliable planning and implementaion, weather resistence and considerable design vreedom. The energy requirements can also be controlled. In every country, on every continent and for all climates.

Facade systems from Schuco fulfil the diverse requirements in the areas of security, automation and design. Modern building envelopes can be created using the perfectly tailored soltuions that meet all architectural and technical requirementsof facades.  Schuco offers a comprehensive range of systems for new build and renovation projects. It comprises mullion/transom facades, add-on constructions for timber and steel as well as structural glazing unitised facades.



Technal Curtain Walling:

The GEODE curtain walling systems from Technal successfully combines the creative and visual demanda sof architect with the functional needs of contractors, developes and occupiers, by simplifying the technical aspects as well as the manufacturing and the installation processes to ensure optimum quality and cost efficiency.

The GEODE range offers all the inherent qualities of aluminium: aesthetics, durability and low maintenence, and combines innovative technology and construction features with advanced manufacturing techniques for quality installation and long

lasting performance.

Key Features and Innovations

  • Visual consistency?
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Technically advanced frame system
  • Intelligent Design
  • Meeting the requirements of each individual project
  • Complete system compatibility
  • Concealed opening vents
  • Design details
  • Choice of infills


  • Robust construction
  • High- quality design
  • cost-effectiveness

Thermal Performance and Weather Tightness

  • Increased reistance to climatic conditions
  • Effective drainage

ALuk Curtain Walling:

AluK curtain walling systems have been specified
and installed in some of the world’s most prestigious buildings. Our unique lightweight solutions offer building designers the flexibility to create the structures they desire, whilst maintaining the performance and functionality demanded by modern buildings.

Combining strong but lightweight aluminium profiles with glazed sections, our systems can be faceted, curved or angled to create the desired finish, whilst offering maximum light transmission into the building with minimum profile sightlines.

All profiles are thermally broken to ensure maximum performance and systems include a wide range of features to provide complete design flexibility. These include a capped system and a structurally bonded system with lighting options, a range of doors, multiple drainage methods and face caps and a multitude of opening configurations including Parallel Opening Vent (POV), Tilt Before Turn (TBT), Side Hung and Top Hung.

AluK curtain walling systems can be built to accommodate large single span atriums using our large range of box
sizes from 50mm to 350mm, offering large expanses of uninterrupted glazing. Systems are available in Steel-look, Alu-timber and Alu-steel finishes, as well as a complete range of colours.

Kestrel Curtain Walling:

The Kestrel low rise curtain wall system is an economic and aesthetically pleasing solution to façade cladding. The system is suitable for use on buildings where thermal and weather performance is required.

The range of profiles is based around 75mm and 125mm mullion and transom designs accompanied by purpose designed ancillary items required of a high performance curtain wall system. Section requirements must be calculated from site conditions and all loading requirements.

The system is designed for pressure equalised zone drainage and this is achieved with drained and ventilated glazing rebates. The glass or panel / window infills are retained with rigid PVC pressure plates which have co-extruded weather seals. Inner seals are available in lineal form and vulcanised pre-formed corner pieces.

Curtain Wall Materials:

Aluminium profiles are extruded from alloy 6060/6063 T6 complying with the recommendations of

BS EN 755: 1-9

Curtain Wall Finishes:

Mill Finish: Etched and anodised to BS 3987: 1991 (01.06.2007) – Silver AA25 or colours on request.

Polyester powder coat paint to BS EN 12206-1:2004

Curtain Wall Construction:

Aluminium profiles are square cut, mechanically jointed and secured using stainless steel screws driven into extruded screw splines. All joints will be sealed against water penetration.

Curtain Wall Glass, Glazing & Infill Panels:

The system can accommodate 24mm and 28mm think double glazed units or composite panels and 6mm, 6.4mm, 8.8mm, 10mm and 10.8 single glazing variations by using aluminium rebate adapters and alternative internal gasket types.

The specification make up of the double glazed units used on this project were 6mm toughened bronze anti sun x 4mm toughened planitherm (argon gas filled) with a thickness of 24mm. This unit make up achieves a U value of 1.2 W/m2.

.PVC co-extruded pressure plate and internal EPDM glazing gaskets are extruded to BS 2782 and BS 476 part 7 and BS 4255 part 1 respectively.

Curtain Wall Performance Weather:

The system has been independently tested by a UKAS certified body in accordance with the CWCT test method for curtain walling:

CWCT Section 4 – Air Permeability – 600pa

CWCT Section 5 – Watertightness, static – 600pa

CWCT Section 8 – Wind Resistance, Servicability – 1500pa

CWCT Section 9 – Wind Resistance, Safety – 2250pa

Copies of the test reports are available for inspection on request.

Curtain Wall Performance – Thermal

Profiles have been independently modelled and assessed in accordance with BS EN ISO 10077-2:

The analyses assume steady state heat flow and therefore any thermal mass effect of any potential adjacent construction or building component has not been considered. The sealed unit edge spacer used in the thermal models was of the type shown in BS prEN13947, with a 0.5 mm wall thickness aluminium hollow profile and 0.5 mm thick seals between the edge profile and the glass panes.

The following values were used in the analyses:

Internal air temperature – 20 °C?External air temperature – 0 °C?External surface resistance – 0.04 m2K/W?Internal surface resistance – 0.13 & 0.20 m2K/W

Airspace thermal resistances from BS (CEN) EN ISO 10211-1 (automatically generated by LBNL THERM)

Thermal Conductivities (* = manufacturer’s value):

Aluminium – 160 W/mK?Glass – 1.00 W/mK?EPDM Rubber – 0.25 W/mK?Nitrile Rubber – 0.16 W/mK?PVC – 0.16 W/mK?Sealed Unit Edge Seal – 0.19 W/mK?Silica Gel Desiccant – 0.13 W/mK

Curtain Wall Maintenance:

No maintenance of Kestrel curtain wall windows is required beyond an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to maintain appearance and lubrication of moving parts as necessary.

Curtain Wall Cleaning:

The window can be cleaned using normal washing-up liquids and warm water. Gritty and abrasive cleaning agents must not be used. In the event of bad soiling, the use of a special cleaning agent is recommended (available from Window and Door Maintenance Services Ltd) which must be applied to the whole of the frame surface.

Curtain Wall Guarantee

10 Year guarantee provided on Kestrel curtain walling frames, provided that the correct non-abrasive cleaners have been used.12 Month guarantee on hardware used on windows ie: hinges, handles and locking mechanisms.10 Years guarantee on colour fastness due to wear and tear5 Year guarantee on all double glazed units


Curtain Wall Examples



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Window and Door Commercial were appointed by multi-disciplinary contractor the Buckingham Group to supply and install the complete aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling to the façade of the factory office.

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In the early part of 2015 Hill West Primary School in Sutton Coldfield was granted emergency funding for total refurbishment as the building was deemed hazardous for the schools pupils and staff that occupied the building.

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The WD Group were contracted to manufacture and install all Windows, Doors and Curtain Walling to the Tredegar Road Development in London. The Apartments were completed in 2013.

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The WD Group were acquired by our clients to replace the double glazed units of the main building through floors 1-4 and also replace the aluminium screens to the ground floor using the Kestrel Thermally broken systems. 

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